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The sky’s a canvas for life’s design

6 Derbyshire Road. A stunningly beautiful home designed to help you fulfil your aspirations in life. Choice of 168 luxurious units ranging from 1, 2 , 3 bedroom to an exclusive penthouse

Pristine and luxurious condo launching at the established and prestigious Novena. This elegant and premiere condo is named 6 Derbyshire where high-end lifestyle meets hassle-free convenience. You will be delighted to find out when residing at this beautiful condo 6 Derbyshire, you will be having loads of shopping and dining options where simply said, you will be spoilt for choice.

There are a lot of great shopping malls at Novena itself, and the accessibility and close proximity of 6 Derbyshire condo to Orchard road makes it even more remarkable as now you have so many entertainment options to choose from.


The interior of 6 Derbyshire is amazing as well, request for 6 Derbyshire floor plan or 6 Derbyshire site plan now to find out more. With master class interior architectural design, it is the ideal home of art masterpiece. Family will be proud to reside in such an exquisite home. To make this condominium even finer with its’ strategically and prestigious Novena location will be a more than enough benefit.

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